Born to Swim – Swimming Lessons for Babies, Toddlers and Under 5s

BORN TO SWIM will teach your baby/toddler how to control their natural breathe holding reflex,whenever their face comes into contact with water. They start with breath holding exercises, to control their breathing, then gently introduce submersion, starting from 1 second ‘facial swims’ increased as your child’s ability improves. Soon your little one will be swimming underwater from teacher to parent, kicking, floating comfortably on their backs and much, much more. They do not use armbands or rings – instead, they teach the parent/carer the correct holds and bonding techniques to swim your child in a safe baby paced environment, thus eliminating the false sense of security given by flotation aids.

They incorporate nursery rhymes, games and toys to make learning fun and fear free.

Ages: Babies as young as 8 weeks join the Starfish baby swimming lessons, then progress through 5 other levels up until age 4 / 5.

Venues: Various locations in London (see list)

Details from Born to Swim website

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