Christmas Cake Cloud Dough Sensory Tubs

Cloud Dough Sensory ideas on PinterestFestive Christmas jumpers, nativity plays, Christmas trees round every corner and snowy adverts on tv… the Christmas countdown is well underway and traditionally the mixing bowls would be out for baking the Christmas cake. Be inspired by tradition and put together a Taste-Safe Christmas Cake Cloud Dough Sensory Tub that will help the kiddies explore the shapes and colours of the holiday season.


Christmas Cookie Cutters – stars, trees, bells, reindeer, gingerbread men, etc.

Large Christmas Cake Toppers – plastic trees, reindeer, etc. (Make sure there are no choking hazards!)

For the Cloud Dough:
4 cups of Flour (Plain/Gluten-free/Wheat-free)
1/2 cup of Cooking Oil (sunflower/canola)
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon/Mixed Spice

What to do before

Put the flour and spices in a large mixing bowl and add in the oil.
Knead lightly until the flour is moldable but not sticky or dough-like.
Pour the Cloud Dough into a large tub and add in the other materials.
Pop the tub on a splash mat and pop your kiddie down beside it.
(All this measuring and mixing can be carried out by older tots with a little supervision)

What all the kiddies can do

Squish their hands into the Cloud Dough, search out the different objects, and make “cakes” of their own with the cutters.

Gently remind them that the dough is not for eating!

What to do after

Extract all the materials from the Cloud Dough. The mixture will keep for at least a week in a sealed container.

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