Crealy’s Great Adventure Park in Cornwall

crealys adventure park cornwall

If you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned Cornish theme park to keep the kids entertained, try Crealy’s Great Adventure Park.
Crealy’s is located in Tredinnick, Wadebridge, on the north coast of Cornwall (there is also a Crealy’s in Exeter, Devon). It has a range of rides and activities to appeal to all ages, in all conditions.
In wet weather you can explore the slides and ball pits of the Dragon’s Kingdom and Haunted Castle indoor play areas.
When the sun comes out take your pick from a huge range of outdoor activities – including forts, mini-rollercoasters, water rides, bungee trampolines, and petting farms. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, try their fun new Water Wars attraction.
Get there early – there’s a full day of fun at Crealy’s. You can even choose to stay overnight in the park’s 5-star holiday cottages, or their caravan and campsite.
Admission is free for infants and £13.95 for children up to 1m tall (price enables them to return FREE for 12 months) and £14.95 for adults (off-peak) and £15.95 (peak). Make sure you check their website for all their latest offers and promotions, and news of upcoming tv character days.
Visit for more information about the Cornwall and Devon adventure parks.
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