Baby Music and Children’s Parties in London: Culture Kids

Culture Kids babyLooking for a good music class to try with your baby? Laura from London Baby recommends Culture Kids… read on to find out why!

This is one well-thought out and executed baby singing class. Brain child of Mia; who took her love of children, travel and music and created a fabulous business; Culture Kids has entertained hundreds of children for over 8 years.

Instead of going over the exact same repertoire with the exact same rotation of toys, Culture Kids aim is to never do the same thing twice.  Someone behind the scenes must have an MBA in supply chain management.  Somehow Beth arrives each week in Chelsea with over 10 songs prepared and about 10 different sets of high-quality, clean props for the children.

These props are so intriguing.  One group was a set miniature butterfly lifecycle figures, an egg, caterpillar and butterfly.  Then there was a cleverly thought out caterpillar that unfurled into butterfly.  All of this was accentuated with drums, maracas, flowers, sunglasses, butterfly wings, xylophones and more centred on the theme of summer.

Beth brings great energy and enthusiasm without broaching on the nauseating end of children’s entertainers.  She’s fun and cool; you will have a good laugh with her after class if you like.

We have only been to the music class, but Culture Kids does cooking classes, art classes and birthday parties, too.   Do have a look at the photo gallery of Culture Kids birthday parties.

Have you been to a Culture Kids class or birthday party? Or can you recommend another good local baby music class or children’s entertainer? Please leave a comment below!

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