The difference between boys and girls

Mads: Mummy?

Me: Mm hmm?

Mads:  Daddy has a willy and a bum bum. And Elliot has a willy and a bum bum. And William has a willy and a bum bum… [proceeds to name each and every boy in her class at nursery and declare that they too have willies and bum bums.]

Mads: And I have a bum bum. But I don’t have a willy and you don’t have a willy. Mummies and big girls and good girls don’t have a willy.

Me: Uhh… correct. We don’t have willies.

Mads: And Elliot has a ‘mall willy. Cos he’s only little. That’s why he’s a baby. And Daddy has a bi –

Daddy: Right, that’s quite enough … [smirking]



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