Easter craft: How to make a Palm Cross from a pipe cleaner

Palm Crosses always fascinated me: I could never work out how they were made. Every year the conundrum escaped me. And I confess I haven’t given them a thought until I was making pipe-cleaner dolls recently and it struck me that you could make a Palm Cross from a pipe-cleaner- Palm fronds being harder to come by in the Home Counties than they were in the Cyprus of my childhood.

And so, dear reader, this is how I made Palm Crosses from pipe-cleaners.

how to make a palm cross from a pipe cleaner

  1. Take your long pipe-cleaner and fold up the bottom quarter. The fold is, perversely, the top of your cross.
  2. Fold about an inch down from the fold you have just made, then bend the remaining pipecleaner out at 90 degrees.
  3. Fold this edge back on itself, across the centre and out to an equal distance on the other side.
  4. Once again, fold back  on itself, and then fold again when you reach the central stem of the cross.
  5. Now you need to make a figure-of-eight fold diagonally up and over the right hand arm, across the back and down diagonally over the front of the left arm.
  6. Finally, twist the two loose ends together.

And there you have it: pipe-cleaner Palm Cross. Thanks for reading my post on Really Kid Friendly today. Feel free to pop by Domestic Goddesque and say hello!

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