Fireworks Craft Activity for Babies and Toddlers

Fireworks are everywhere this week to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failed gunpowder plot.  Forget about the burning effigies and flaming bonfires or subjecting the babies to rather terrifying fireworks – here is a safe Fireworks craft activity to commemorate the day with babies and toddlers.
These pictures are a fun way to focus their attention with minimal mess – just remember to lay down some newspaper or a splash mat under the card to prevent your table from becoming part of the picture.  You could also do this craft activity the day after they’ve been to a firework display (with their little hands over their ears!) so the little ones can recreate what they saw in the sky.

Fireworks Craft Activity for Toddlers - Image 3 by Marjolein Wouters


  • Chunky crayons including black
  • White card/cardboard
  • Lollipop stick/plastic paintbrush

What your baby or toddler has to do

Fireworks Craft Activity for Toddlers - Image 1 by Marjolein WoutersUsing a variety of colours (except black) fill the card – they can do vertical stripes, spirals, or random patterns.

Next, give them the black crayon to colour on top of all the other colours until the whole card is coloured in.

Fireworks Craft Activity for Toddlers - Image 2 by Marjolein WoutersThen, using a lollipop stick or the back of a plastic paintbrush, encourage your baby to make marks all over the black crayon to reveal the colours beneath.

The result should be a unique version of the sky on Bonfire Night!

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Other Fireworks craft ideas to try:


Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Marks & Spencer in celebration of the launch of their gorgeous new Baby range.

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