Kids Books: Review of Whoopie Pie Fun, a family baking book

Well somewhere along the line we have missed out on the new glamorous cupcake phase, not that as a family we haven’t consumed enough cupcakes to fill a small cake shop but as far as making them goes, it never really happened. So what better way to make it up by jumping on the latest trend of making Whoopie Pies.  And if this book doesn’t want to make you get messy in the kitchen nothing will.

Whoopie Pie Fun by Claire Ptak

A Whoopie is not a cookie or a typical cake, and is definitely not a pie, it is somewhere between a cupcake and an ice cream sandwich.

How wonderful to be able to tell the children we are going to make Whoopies.  In fact everything has been Whoopie all day in Melissa’s eyes.

Basically the same principle of cake making, wet ingredients and dry ingredients which Melissa loved helping measure then stir, chill, bake and assemble into a sandwich.

This book shows lots of lovely different flavours for your Whoopie we choose to make Chocolate Chip Whoopie and Peanut Butter Sandwich Whoopie both with a simple butter cream filling. But other flavours include Strawberry Whoopie with Strawberry Butter Cream, Lemon Cream Whoopie with Lemon Curd Cream and even ones you can freeze such as Key Lime Whoopie with Frozen Key Lime Cream.

Whoopie Pie Fun by Claire Ptak not only looks like one of the prettiest baking books you will ever own, I’m sure it would make a lovely present for all ages.  I know my eldest daughter would be thrilled to receive this, as was I.

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