Kids Craft Idea: Hallowe’en Paper Lanterns

Halloween Lanterns for kids - close up - photo by Marjolein WoutersIf you’re venturing out this Hallowe’en night, the kiddies may need something to help them brave through the dark corners. I grew up in the Irish countryside, where everyone lived that little bit too far from each other to traipse from door to door Trick or Treating. I can count on one hand the number of times I physically walked around house to house. It’s one, just one … one time and we only went to about three houses. Every other time, we either went to Hallowe’en parties or went out for spooky walks in the woods. No matter where we went, we brought our homemade lanterns. Here’s my guide to helping your kiddie create their own individual Hallowe’en paper lanterns, which can also double up as a treat bag!


  • 1 or more sheet A1 paper (black)
  • Pack of tissue/wax paper (assorted colours)
  • Some sheets of plain paper
  • Craft knife
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Stapler
  • Battery-operated light

What to do before

Halloween Lanterns for kids - Cut out shapes - photo by Marjolein WoutersFor each lantern, cut out three pieces:

  • 30x58cm (this is the main part of the lantern)
  • 5x60cm (this is the handle)
  • and a circle with an 18cm diameter (for the lantern base)

What the kiddies can do first

For the under-3s, let them draw lines and squiggles using a pencil. Older kids can be encouraged to draw simple stencils, including pumpkins, starts, cats and witches’ hats.

What to do now

Halloween Lanterns for kids - Cut out design with craft knife - photo by Marjolein WoutersWhile you do the tricky bit, give the kiddies the plain paper and some Hallowe’en-y colours (red, yellow, orange) and they will, hopefully, spend the time colouring. Using a craft knife, cut out the shapes the kiddies have created on the black paper.

What the kiddies can do next

Halloween Lanterns for kids - Glue designs - photo by Marjolein WoutersLet them tear up small pieces of the tissue/wax paper to glue over the designs.

What to do after

Glue one side to the other, creating a lantern shape, and staple in place. Make 2cm cuts around the circular base and fold back around the circle. Staple this base to the bottom of the lantern and staple each end of the handle to the top of the lantern.

Add a battery-operated candle and head out for a spooky Hallowe’en adventure.

Halloween Lanterns for kids - photo by Marjolein Wouters

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