Falmouth Art Gallery in Falmouth (Cornwall, South West England) – Family Friendly Museum Award Winner 2006

Falmouth Art Gallery in Cornwall is family friendly and free. One of the leading art galleries in the South West, it has won or been nominated for 14 national awards, including the Guardian Family Friendly Museum Award in 2006. Falmouth Art Gallery has an innovative and popular community education programme.

Here’s what one family had to say:

As family friendly as it gets!

Falmouth Art Gallery was recognised in 2006 as Guardian Family Friendly Museum of the Year but has been providing a family friendly service for years before and after this award.

The gallery provides ample space for toddlers and children of all ages to run around and engage with art on an accessible level without dumbing down. They also provide informal learning sessions which cater for babies of 2 weeks, up to those celebrating 100 year old birthdays.

Not only is there ‘high art’ but there is family friendly collections including a children’s illustration archive which includes Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pugwash, Ivor the Enginve and Rupert the Bear. Also there are mechanical automata for children to interact with (stools are provided for little legs!).

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