Prize draw for Sammy’s Great Escape – in cinemas 15th February

leatherback hatchling ©SeapicsTo celebrate the release of Sammy’s Great Escape, in cinemas February 15th, Warner Bros. Pictures and Really Kid Friendly are offering one lucky reader the chance to win an ‘Adopt a Turtle’ pack from the Marine Conservation Society.

The pack contains:

  • A cool cuddly turtle toy
  • Talk Turtle – the MCS newsletter on turtle conservation work – delivered twice a year
  • A fact sheet and pictures of turtles in the wild
  • A personalized adoption certificate

Sammy and Ray, leatherback turtles and friends forever, are enjoying an atoll’s water and sand, shepherding new hatchlings Ricky and Ella out to sea. Suddenly, a poacher swoops in and ships them off to be part of a spectacular aquarium show for tourists in Dubai. The kingpin of the place, Big D the seahorse, enlists them in his plans for a great escape. But with their new friends Jimbo the bug-eyed blob fish, Lulu the snippy lobster and a whole family of penguins, Sammy and Ray hatch breakout plans of their own. That is when little Ricky and Ella arrive, determined to break in to rescue them. After a series of thrilling adventures and narrow escapes, our heroes head south to meet up with Shelly, Sammy’s first and only love.

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Sammy’s Great Escape is released in UK cinemas 15th February 2013.  

©2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Marine Conservation Society logo

The Marine Conversation Society is a leading UK charity working to protect sea life. Leatherback turtles like Sammy and Ray are critically endangered, but you might be lucky enough to see one when they visit UK seas to feast on jellyfish.  The ‘Adopt a Turtle’ pack helps protect sea turtles in the UK and overseas. Find out more at

For your chance of winning this amazing prize, answer this simple question:

Sammy's Great Escape movie posterIn Sammy’s Great Escape, what type of turtles are Sammy and Ray?

A)     Loggerhead

B)      Leatherback

C)      Hawksbill

Terms and Conditions

  • Competition closes Friday 8 March 2013 at 11:00 p.m.
  • Competition open to UK residents only
  • No cash alternative is available
  • Please allow up to 28 days prize delivery from competition close date


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