Top toys: vTech KidiZoom SmartWatch is a hit!

It’s getting more and more difficult to choose Christmas presents and birthday presents for the kids. I’m sure in my day we would have been happy with a Hoop and Stick, and over the moon with anything vaguely high tech. Like an Etch-a-Sketch. Now, though, children are hoping Santa will balance out the ‘imaginative play’ toys with some proper technology. Enter the vTech KidiZoom SmartWatch… in essence, this little piece of kit is a wearable touch-screen device with a built in camera, video camera, editor and audio recording. It’s also got some little games and, as the name might suggest, a watch. Like everything else vTech produces, it’s designed for kids… which of course means it is pretty intuitive to use and can take a beating.

vTech were kind enough to invite us to put it through its paces this autumn at Go Ape, an amazing and unforgettable (if slightly terrifying) treetop adventure… Long story short, the kids absolutely loved using their KidiZoom SmartWatch to record every moment of their treetop challenge, and have been getting up to no good with them at home too. A huge hit, and definitely a winner for Christmas. We’ll post some video soon!


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