Waddesdon Manor – National Trust site near Aylesbury (Bucks)

Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is a Renaissance style chateau built especially to show off historic art treasures and and was featured in our Top 5 National Trust sites for hands-on history.  The house itself has 45 rooms on show – so this estate is perfect to visit on days when the weather is looking a bit ‘British’. It’s not just the house that is worth a visit though. Outdoors there is a stunning Victorian garden with many sculptures, fountains and displays on offer.

This house is a wonderful location for children that love wildlife as well as history. Visit the aviary, take a guided children’s tour or relax in the gardens for hours on end.

During the school holidays Waddesdon Manor runs children’s tours of the house. This is an excellent opportunity for little historians to really get stuck in with the tales of the manor.

In the gardens of Waddesdon Manor – and not to be missed – there is also a brilliant aviary. Children will have a fantastic time trying to spot all 38 species of bird. Why not pass them your camera and see how many wildlife snaps they can take? Behind the scenes tours of the aviaries run once a month and are an excellent way for children to experience the wildlife at first hand.

Other events include free activity days during the holidays, a children’s quiz, an Explorer Trail and the woodland play area. The children’s shop allows your kids to spend their pocket money on history related items such as retro toys and sweets.

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