Wizard 101 Online Role Playing Game

Wizard 101 screenshot from GeekDad on Wired.comWe’ve just come across this excellent article about computer games for kids, from the Geek Dad blog on Wired.com. This week GeekDad (and very discerning game testers, 11 year old twins) recommends Wizard 101, a multi-player online role playing game, which has special features (including “safe chat”) for its younger players.

Here’s a little taster from the article below:

Wizard is a very different kind of game.  A lot of “family friendly” products aren’t really made with an eye for quality; we’re unique in that we are as approachable and kid friendly as any game out there, but our art style, our cinematic combat system, our character acting – these are elements more commonly attributed to the triple-A game titles.

In movie terms, we look to Pixar as our guiding light.  “Family-friendly” doesn’t equate to “short-cut quality.”   Quite the opposite, in fact.

Read the full article:

Wizard 101 Creators: Family Friendly Doesn’t Equate to Lesser Quality

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