World Book Day Infographic – The Book vs Film Debate!

World Book Day Infographic - Book VS Film Debate - croppedIn celebration of World Book Day, we were asked by those lovely folks at Fancy Dress Ball to look back on our favourite children’s books and the films they inspired, and join the great debate about which was the winning format. What a treat to get to re-read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox and PL Travers’ Mary Poppins, and of course to snuggle up on those cold rainy days to watch the films! Other reviewers checked out Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Bambi, The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz and Matilda. Mads, Danger Boy and I are all complete and utter bookworms, as is our nanny Lein, so we thought the books would win hands down, but (hard as it is to admit it) we were wrong…. click here to have a look and see how we got on!

To enjoy the full infographic and to find out more about the other experts who participated in the Book VS Film debate, visit Fancy Dress Ball!

Our in-house reviewers:

Madeleine Curry (7) devours books and is currently lost in the world of Hogwarts. She has been known to read while hula hooping.

Elliot Curry (6) has just recently discovered that he can read “chapter books” by himself, has been racing through our Roald Dahl collection, and knows the Just So Stories word for word.

Marjolein Wouters is our very own Mary Poppins. She is an incredibly talented artist, and as a nanny she uses her creativity to set the children’s imaginations alight. She is never without a book (and knitting needles!) in her magical handbag, her favourite series being Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter.

Janis Curry is a cheery scientist-turned-digital-strategist, parent blogger, avid reader, and mum of two boisterous rascals. Her favourite children’s authors are Shel Silverstein, Rudyard Kipling and the lyrical Dr Seuss.

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Janis is a cheery and versatile digital expert with a healthcare background, usually seen either geeking out or sprinting through North London trying to catch her kids, Mads and Danger Boy. Thanks to her two boisterous rascals, she has become an expert in soft play areas, parks, energetic music classes, and where to get a stiff drink once they’ve gone to bed.
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