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Getting ready to launch our new site!

The girls in my NCT group used to call me ‘’ on account of my slight obsession with online research of nurseries, buggies, travel cots, child friendly places to meet up, you name it. I would get phone calls out of the blue from other mums saying, “Hey’ I’m in John Lewis! Which travel cot am I buying?”, “Where can we meet in Muswell Hill with 6 buggies, 2 double buggies and 820 lbs of baby paraphernalia?”, and (my favourite): “Is anyone else really bored today?”

It got me thinking how great it would be to have a website where parents could get some inspiration, some inside knowledge and could share their thoughts about great places to go and things to do with their kids. Actually, at the time I was still breastfeeding Madeleine, so my list of places to go was restricted to restaurants serving enormous portions of pasta and where I didn’t feel completely conspicuous readjusting my breast pads.

Anyhow, Geoff and I had some initial thoughts about 18 months ago and wrote the outline idea for a site on the back of a menu in our local child friendly pub. A few months later we shared our thinking with Tim and Anne (and 3 excited toddlers) over a roast chicken dinner, and managed to shape our notes into an actual plan. Further on we were joined by Martin and Becky and between the six of us, was born.

Since then, we have worked through pretty much every nap-time and many evenings, with a brief interlude when our adorable baby Elliot was born in August and amazingly our idea is suddenly about to become a reality!! Yay!! The excitement of our impending launch is second only to the thrill of a full night’s sleep.
I really hope you enjoy using our site, and find a few new really kid friendly things to do with your energetic, frustrating, taxing but usually lovable little ones!


P.S. – The database is still pretty small and we don’t yet have all the details for all the businesses, but with your help we can flesh it out and expand. Obviously this is a work in progress so please email us about any ideas you may have for improvements!

originally published on January 9th 2009 (285 reads)

Written by Janis P.

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