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One step forward, two steps back!

When it comes to IT, why is life so rarely simple!? We have just moved our site from Windows to Linux servers in order to easily re-index our pages and make the whole thing more visible on the big search engines. This means anyone searching Google for child friendly pubs, restaurants or activities will be able to get to us that little bit faster. That is of course if we can solve the mysterious problem this platform move has now thrown up with our home page.
If you have had an error message in the last few days we are really sorry our tech team are working hard to solve the issue so normal service can be resumed in time for the Easter holidays.
Let’s just hope they don’t fix this, and then break something else!

originally published on March 31st 2009 (103 reads) 

Written by Janis P.

Estimated date for keyword search fix

We’re back, back, back…