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So far so good

A few weeks on from launch and so far so good. We’ve not told too many people about the site yet – we’ve mainly been fixing bugs and tidying up. In fact, if you find anything odd looking around our pages, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.
The last few days have been exciting for 3 reasons. Firstly, both kids have been sleeping through the night, gradually allowing us to remove that fog of tiredness that besieges all new parents…until of course the next round of mystery illnesses and random demands for a night feed plunges us back in to our semi-comatose state.
Secondly, I got to go to the RAF museum in North London for the first time since I was in short trousers. A great day out and a welcome break from the once exciting, now a bit annoying, snow that we have seen of late.
And finally, we took delivery of our new promotional postcards and business cards which we are about to release on the parents and premises of London to let them know about Really Kid Friendly. And then there’s no going back…

originally published on February 12th 2009 (128 reads) 

Written by Janis P.

It’s alive! Alive!!

Bug fixing spree!