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Get the family holidays off to the right start – take the later flight!

As usual at the start of the school holidays there’s plenty of travel advice around, particularly about flying with young children.

Some of the best advice I ever read about flying with kids was ‘avoid airports at busy times – particularly first thing in the morning’. Coincidentally this came after a particularly miserable flight that had left at something like 8am, necessitating getting to the airport at six and leaving the house at around five in the morning – not easy under any circumstances, let alone with a load of suitcases in tow!

While it’s tempting to go for the early flight in order to maximise time at the holiday destination, the reality of getting that early flight is that by the time everyone arrives on holiday you’ll all be too tired to care where you are and won’t be in any condition to enjoy that extra half day. Better to book a later flight, have a more leisurely trip to the airport, get on the plane in less busy and fraught conditions and arrive at your destination in good shape, albeit a little later. It’s a theory I’ve tested several times, flying both early and later with the kids and it definitely works. So my top tip for flying with kids – take it easy, don’t book the early flight and arrive in better shape!

You can find other useful travel tips on the trunki website, at KidsTravel2 or at Thomas Cook’s site. You can also check out our “Really Kid Friendly recommends…” section for some great websites to help you plan your family holiday.


originally published on August 12th 2009 (260 reads) 

Written by Tim

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