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Expecting another baby? Read The Bump Wear Project’s top tips on refreshing the Maternity Wardrobe

Our affair with credit cards is over, or so it should be – we have to start looking for value and to be more frugal when it comes to maternity wear. Who wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a temporary wardrobe? Actually, let me rephrase that, who can afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a temporary wardrobe?
Many pregnant people we have spoken to who already have children tell us that they just reuse what they had before, and then go on to say, that this doesn’t make them feel as fabulous as they would like to be. Sound familiar? Fear not, there are some simple things you can do though to ensure that you get the best out of your existing wardrobe. It’s all about refreshing!

Clean Out Your Closet
The procrastinator in you may scream, ‘No’, but be realistic, if those vests are faded, bobbley, or stretched out of shape from your last bump. Ditch them. Don’t abandon the things you wear when you want to feel comfy at home, everyone needs their comfy clothes, but if you want to rock your bump in public, be firm with yourself. If you love the print of an old top that’s seen better days then make it in to something new. There are lots of sites out there that can help you get crafty!

Use Accessories
Have fun with accessories – you can find accessories for very little money and the new item will often inspire an old outfit. We’re talking about ribbons, bows, broaches, bangles, bags and necklaces. Wrapping a beautiful ribbon around a top (either above or below the bump depending on your preference) can create a whole new outfit – as demonstrated on The Bump Wear Project. Wide ribbons look fabulous like this. Team up with some bangles and you could create a whole new look very easily. And change the look again the next day. We consider the use of accessories as one of the Golden Rules in looking great throughout your pregnancy.

Invest in Base Wear
When we say base wear, we’re talking about clothes than can be layered. Get yourself a good selection of long vests in. They can be found cheaply, a couple of pound, and can make your wardrobe so much more versatile. You can wear your shirts undone, or just layer the vests. This is a really cheap way to add to your wardrobe and get change from £20. Base wear also includes items like BumpBands and leggings.

It’s not as hard as you may think, and doesn’t have to be permanent. Sure, if you are up to it, trousers can be made into shorts, long skirts can be made short – but if like me you’re not quite up to that, keep it simple. One of the easiest ways to quickly change the look of any item is to add new details. Buttons can transform and outfit and can be found everywhere – just replace old ones with new funky fresh ones or if it’s more your style, some vintage ones. You can change your plain tops and shirts in to statement pieces with fabulous buttons and the same goes with ribbons.

Mix it Up
Instead of wearing the same item combinations as you did during your last pregnancy, mix it up. Try teaming different pieces with different accessories and details and see what you can come up with. Think about textures, prints and shapes. Don’t try and follow trends – create something stylish. As the almighty Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashions fade, style is eternal…

Spend some time doing this as soon as you start needing to think about getting the maternity clothes out, and you will save money.

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originally published on October 8th 2009 (358 reads) 

Written by Claire

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