Fed up of bedtime battles? You’re not alone. Thank goodness for Ready for Bed week!

With 8 out of 10 parents admitting their children sometimes go to bed too late, and a further 7 out of 10 wishing children would stay in their beds a little longer in the morning, it would appear our children are burning the candle at both ends! Results are tired and grumpy children who don’t always behave their best, and parents who have to put up with the tears and tantrums plus miss a bit of time to themselves!

But with the clocks going back giving us all a precious extra hour in bed, parents have the perfect chance to get bedtime routines in order, so make the most of Ready For Bed Week (October 25th to 31st) to get bedtime back on track! Best of all, your support will help Worlds Apart reach its target of providing bed kits for 100 boys and girls in the world who don’t have a comfy place to sleep.

The folks over at have created some very fun and useful Bedtime Reward Charts to enable you to monitor your child’s progress and help your child feel proud of how well they are doing. You can record teeth brushing, tidying up, settling to sleep well and on time and even staying in bed until morning, so your children can learn exactly what a happy bedtime is all about.

For every 100 Bedtime Reward Charts that are downloaded, will fund a much-needed bed kit for a child in an undeveloped or developing country. Click here to download your Bedtime Reward Chart

For a little added incentive, your child can get sponsored to stick to their bedtime routine and raise money for less fortunate children. Click here to download a sponsorship form.
To learn more and to watch Sophia’s video, visit


* Best Buys for a Good Night’s Sleep *
If you’re quick you can get some beautiful Cosatto and Tutti Bambini cot-beds, sweet little knitted baby blankets and Graco travel cots in the Bambino Direct clearance sale. Also in the clearance sale is a KidSleep nightlight / alarm clock with little daytime and nightime bunnies showing your child when it’s sleep time. A must for any parent with an early-riser or a bed-escaper.

You can find a huge range of books about night-time parenting on Amazon – our favourites are:
Teach Your Child to Sleep (Millpond Sleep Clinic)
The No Cry Sleep Solution (Elizabeth Pantley, foreword by William Sears)
The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies and Toddlers (Gina Ford)
Toddler Taming: The World’s Bestselling Parenting Guide (Christopher Green)
Toddlers – Mumsnet Guide: A Million Mums Trade Secrets.

Last but certainly not least, to help your little one off to sleep we wholeheartedly recommend these lullaby renditions of your favourite rock tunes by the Beatles, Coldplay, AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana and the Rolling Stones by Rockabye.


– Janis

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originally published on October 22nd 2009 (108 reads) 

Written by Janis P.


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