Does your family fit the shape of a standard family ticket?

What’s the shape of your family? Mum plus her four kids. Dad plus his only child, and the young cousin who lives with them. Grandparents and their grandchildren, for whom they care. Big sister and very little sister, whom she looks after. Mum, Dad, Auntie and her daughter.

What’s the shape of a typical family ticket to a museum or gallery? Two plus two.

So, Kids in Museums has launched the Flexible Family Ticket campaign supported by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to help families of all shapes and sizes to feel welcome in museums and galleries across Britain.

We’re helping spread the word about the Kids in Museums Family Ticket Watch, and want families to tell us:

* What has been your experience of a family ticket?
* Did it fit your family?
* What would you like a family ticket to look like?

Families can get in touch in lots of ways:

Kids in Museums will publish the results of all your comments in March, recommending a Flexible Family Ticket format that can be adopted by all museums and galleries, to reflect the changing face of families in Britain today.

Mariella Frostrup, Patron of Kids in Museums, said:

“Visits to museums and galleries should be at the heart of family life, there are few better places to spend quality time with your kids and also give them an enriching and memorable experience. Most museums offer a family ticket but it’s increasingly rare for families to fit the two plus two standard that remains the norm. Why shouldn’t you bring along your Mum, Dad and Stepmother too, or perhaps Granny fancies a day out?”

Kids in Museums produces the Kids in Museums Manifesto, a 20-point document compiled entirely from visitors’ comments. And a top issue for family visitors – point number two on the Manifesto – is that their family can’t get a family ticket. Because their family isn’t two plus two.

Source: Kids in Museums

Written by Janis P.

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