61 Muswell Hill Broadway
London N10 3HA

An authentic patisserie, boulangerie and chocolaterie created by Raymond Blanc. Relaxed atmosphere where parents can enjoy a light lunch, coffee, handmade pastries and much more.

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Written by Janis P.


  1. My ideal day in Muswell Hill: An afternoon walk in Highgate woods with my little ones and some friends, followed by a saucisson & mozzarella baguette and a strong coffee at Maison Blanc. Okay, so the coffee is decaf, and the baguette and coffee are consumed one-handed while breastfeeding, but it’s still wonderfully relaxing!

    This is a bright and cheery place, and surprisingly spacious once you’ve pried yourself away from the sweets counter and headed for the café at the back. By “spacious”, I mean that I have comfortably had lunch with 2 friends, 4 babies, 2 bugaboos, 1 side-by-side buggy, and 25 kgs of baby paraphernalia.

    There are about half a dozen café-style tables, as well as some chunky leather sofas and armchairs which happen to be perfect for breastfeeding discreetly and comfortably. The babes seem to like stretching out on them too. Staff are friendly and efficient, and are happy to take your order either at the counter or at the table. Aside from the array of sweets and pastries, the food is simple (sandwiches on fresh baguettes with salad on the side), reasonably priced, and is absolutely delicious.

    If you’re there on your own and need to use the toilet (a definite in those early days!), you don’t have to abandon your baby – the toilet is enormous, so you can bring the buggy in with you. Oh yes, and there’s a fold-down changing table for baby too. Toddlers and older kids and seem to like it too – the sweets may have something to do with that 🙂

  2. I can strongly recommend Maison Blanc in Muswell Hill if you have smaller kids. As the whole cafe is on one level it is very easy to get in and there are plenty of room for larger buggies. There are enough space between the tables so it never feels too crowded. The cakes and croissants are fantastic, even if it is a bit on the expensive side. It is great if you are on your own as you can bring the buggy with you into the toilet:)

  3. Food fantastic, staff really friendly. Cleanliness of floors, tables and particularly chair and table legs leave much to be desired.