114 High Road
London N2 9EB

Thai fusion restaurant serving brunch, tapas, lunch and dinner. Children welcome during the day.

Opening Hours: Daily from 9:30 a.m.

Website: Visit Monkey Face website

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Written by Janis P.

One Comment

  1. Monkey Face used to be a brilliant place to meet up with friends but since both the management and the menu have changed it is really disappointing every time. Ever since the management changed hands last year, the affordable scrummy gastropubby and asian-inspired food has been replaced by expensive thai dishes (probably v nice if their sister restaurant Nahling is anything to go by) and mediocre sandwiches and limp greasy chips. I have to say they do make the effort though – there are highchairs, a kids menu, and they have crayons etc to distract the kids.

    Annoyingly, though, they have taken out one of the things that made it really kid friendly – they used to have a big leather cushion at the back, perfect for letting the babies stretch out, but they have moved this to the front of the restaurant. If a bunch of mums then park their buggies in that area (as we used to when it was at the back, when some babies were napping in the buggies and others playing on the leather cushion) we end up blocking the front door and the babies keep getting an icy blast of smokey air from the patio every time the door opens. Monkey Face would be a superb place to meet up if only they would bring back the old menu and move their furniture around again!!

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