Clown Town is a large indoor play centre and adventure playground with climbing frames, slides, ball pond, rope climb, toy cars, soft play for babies, and more.

There are separate areas for young babies, toddlers and older children, as well as a free play area where you can (at the management’s discretion) bring the buggy so you don’t have to leave your new baby alone while you supervise the older ones.

There is also a cafe serving a range of simple kids lunches (all including carrot and cucumber sticks, juice and fruit) for about 3.50, as well as paninis and coffee for the parents.

It’s pretty big so expect a lot of children and a whole lot of noise. If you have preschool children who enjoy the more challenging “big kids” area, we’d recommend that you avoid visits during half-term or they will be mown down.

How to get to Clown Town

Clown Town is behind Tesco but you need to drive through the Tesco car park and off to the right just past the recycling station. The road loops around behind Tesco until you reach Clown Town. The car park and the overflow car park fill up quickly – if full, park near the entrance of the Tescos car park (zone A or B). There is an unmarked pathway to Clown Town just to the right of Tesco, near the Costa Coffee and Motorcycle Parking signs.


Written by Janis P.


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  1. Clown Town was recommended by a friend of mine but I never really saw the appeal until I had my second baby, and then WOW. The play area is excellent – everything looks new, clean and well maintained. I can’t speak for the older kids’ section, but the toddler/baby section is superb. There are lots of things for kids to do besides climb on the structures – my daughter loves the little rocking horses and the bikes and of course the bouncy castle. The toddlers can just run off and entertain themselves, and you can relax knowing A) they’re fenced in, and B) you can see your child at all times no matter what they’re up to, even if you are sitting at a table feeding the baby or playing in the “small babies only” area.

    The only exception is the ball pond, which is a bit too much like quicksand for some toddlers – and you can’t really supervise them in there unless you’re standing right beside it. Other cons are that it is hard to get a buggy in and out of the building itself because of the high step, there is only one changing table, and while the food is much better than most places, today’s lunch looked like birds eye fish fingers with oven chips, with a few thin strips of cucumber. For £4 I expected something much better. I also think there should be a sibling discount – it’s too rainy to take my daughter to the playground, so I paid £4 for her…but they charged me another £4 for the baby (8 mo)!! I can’t exactly leave him in the car, so suddenly this is an £8 outing! Oh well. Still better than staying home, and miles better than their competitors.

  2. This is the third time my kids have been to Clown Town at Coppetts Centre and as ever came back with a BUG. THIRD TIME. Does that mean the place isnot sanitized? They have been to other fun places including fun fair yet its only Clown Town at Coppetts that they catch a bug. You should look into the hygeine standards of the place. Copy sent to local authorities. Thank you.

    • This is the last time i will be going to Clown Town Coppetts Centre. Three of my children have come down with vomitting and diahorea bug after visiting this play centre.

      This has happened on a number of occasions after visiting this place. This time the bug received has really taken it out of my three children.

      This place must not be cleaned properly and has gone downhill no supervisions on slides at all. lots of accidents happening.

  3. I used to love this place. Since it has changed mangement it has become dirty and tired looking. The staff will through your food away without asking doesn’t matter if you are still eating. And forget the 6.30pm closing they will try and kick you out upto 30 mins early. They are rude and arrogant and just money orrientated. It’s actually not child friendly at all. My girls love it but get so upset when they don’t get their full session or half drunk drinks are binned by staff.

  4. The most DISGRACEFUL place to take any CHILD. The receptionist came running to our table to STOP us singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 8 yr old daughter. The most UNFRIENDLY PLACE EVER. One member of staff was very kind, during this awful experience. My wife tried to book a party for 20 children and 6 adults, all with food and was told there was no availability. When we arrived, there was one other group there, the two party booths were empty and were not used at all. There were 7 staff not doing very much (considering the place was so empty and not surprising given the abusive service by the receptionist). The nice member of staff came over to our friend and said the receptionist was annoyed and we were not to sing happy birthday, or produce a cake, (is there some kind of mental problem, going on here)? I told the receptionist to go away from my children, at which point she told me she would phone the POLICE. I have been here on at least 4 different occasions, over the years, (having 6 children) and it is my belief, you would have to be mental to give Clown Town any of you hard earned money, (I spent £300) let alone let them play in this shabby, unhygienic place. Beware, don’t give them your custom. Colm Doherty

    • Are you serious!!? How horrible for you. It seems to be hit and miss depending on who is on reception, and from all accounts it has seriously gone downhill over the past couple of years. Many of the local mums have found the new improved Topsy Turvy (near Brent Cross) to be a better experience, especially for big kids. You should also try Little Dinosaurs (Alexandra Park) and the indoor play centre up near Barnet that used to be called Kids N20.

  5. Hi Janis
    The owner was on LBC, telling a pack of lies about this story.
    I believe it has changed hands and this company is run from the top down, the owner has not made any apology for his companies behaviour, which would have been the right thing to do.

  6. I’m shocked at peoples attitudes and those backing Dougherty. Like it or not places like Clowntown have policies in place for a reason and these people ignored them trying to run their own show. Guess what, you didn’t get away with it. I have been visiting Clowntown for years and everyone I know loves it there. Food is great, staff are very nice and it is the best place to celebrate a birthday party. It’s time you people stop with your lies. Anyone who visits Clowntown will agree. See the true story on the clowntown website, it makes much more sense compared with these lies

  7. I have been visiting Clowntown for the past 4 years and my children love it there. All 3 of my children have celebrated their birthdays there and the experience was always great. Good food, lovely stuff all very helpful and eager to help.

    I have also noticed that the place and the facilities have greatly improved, new toys are regularly added to the toddler section and the place is much cleaner than it used to be 4 years ago.

    We also attended 2 events in Clowntown the most recent one was their Halloween party and the children had tears of joy in their eyes when Mickey Mouse appeared toward the end of the party.

    I would recommend visiting Clowntown during weekdays as it is much more quiet as weekends tend to be much busier

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