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Nun like a great night out! : Sister Act Review

Review by Hilary K

London Palladium Sister ActMy 9yr old daughter and I were invited to see Sister Act with Janis, a family friend. Three girls on a night out….and oh boy, what a night! We were completely blown away by the musical. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would be my thing, the film with Whoopi Goldberg is one thing, and I actually quite enjoyed that I must say, but on a West End stage – nah…I wasn’t sure. How totally wrong I was. It was brilliant! The energy, the quality of singing and sheer exuberance of the show quite took my breath away. My daughter was on the edge of her seat, eyes as big as dinner-plates with a totally enraptured expression….singing and clapping and screaming with unabashed enthusiasm….utterly enthralled. If the show was a joy to see, watching my daughters reaction was heartwarmingly magical.

Sister ActWe’d thought we might see Whoopi, but it turned out we went on one of her nights off. The fact she wasn’t there didn’t make a jot of difference though, the extraordinarily talented cast carried the show effortlessly. Landi Oshingowo played the lead Deloris Van Cartier, her voice made the hairs on your arms tingle, she was amazing. Mother Superior was played by Verity Quade (instead of Whoopi, though I’m sure she’d have been amazing, I couldn’t quite get my head around her playing a stuffy, up-tight and anxious head nun! But hey…), Verity nailed it as far as we were concerned. Blinding. Aaran Lee Lambert played the funny guy cop, who finally gets to date Delories in the end, he was superb. The rest of the cast were superlative. Big rousing numbers that lifted the theatre rafters, spangly sets and costumes were a feast to the eye. All in all a fabulous night out for all the family.

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Written by Hilary

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