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Tangled inspired craft activity – Make your own floating lights


Floating Lanterns scene from Tangled Disney FilmTower living isn’t all bad. Rapunzel certainly has made the most of it—she likes to read, play guitar, knit, cook, bake, dance and visit with her chameleon confidant Pascal. And Rapunzel loves to paint.  The walls of the tower are covered with her creations—she hangs from the rafters (with the help of her magical hair) to reach the farthest corners. Her favorite thing to paint? The lights. Every year on Rapunzel’s birthday, she peers out her window at dusk and sees these amazing floating lights. Every year. On her birthday. She doesn’t know what they are, but she longs to see them up close. So when a dashing bandit named Flynn Rider takes cover in her tower on the day before her 18th birthday—she figures she’s just found the perfect guy at the perfect time to take her to see the floating lights.

Be like Rapunzel and gaze upon these flameless mini paper lanterns. Imagine what it might be like to venture out with a dashing bandit and see them in person for the first time… and just what the surprising truth behind the floating lights really is.

Courtesy: Disney FamilyFun magazine.  Go to for more great ideas.

String of Floating Lanterns inspired by Tangled Disney filmMaterials:

  • Gold Paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Paper Clips
  • Length of String or thin rope

Floating Lanterns Craft activity - instructionsInstructions:

1.       To make each one, first help your child fold a 4 1/4- by 5 1/2-inch piece of colored paper in half lengthwise and use scissors to make cuts about 1/2 inch apart along the crease, stopping about 1/4 inch from the paper’s unfolded edges.

2.       Next, roll a 3 3/4- by 5 1/2-inch piece of gold paper (found in art supply and craft stores) widthwise into a tube and tape the ends together, overlapping them by about 1/2 inch. Unfold the colored paper and glue it around the tube so that its creases jut out slightly, as shown, securing it in place with paper clips while the glue dries.

3.       Finally, tape or glue a strip of matching colored paper across the top of the tube for a hanger. For a garland, slip a number of lanterns onto a length of string or thin rope, taping them in place to keep them from sliding.

Many thanks to Disney Family Fun magazine and the Tangled team for this fun craft idea! For more like this, join their Facebook page.

Disney’s new animation Tangled is in UK cinemas from Friday January 28th.

Written by Sam

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