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Mole’s Babies – great parenting gift

Mole’s Babies by David Bedford sees the return of the charming Morris the Mole, from the hit title Morris in Love.

Morris is ecstatic – he’s about to become a new dad.  He takes some crash course parenting tips from farmyard friends, just to realise he is not ready!  Morris soon learns that the answer was staring him in the snout the while time!

This is such a cute book.  Any first time parent can sympathise with the theme of this book…feelings of not knowing what to expect, how will you cope, what needs to be done?!

Mole’s Babies is laugh out loud funny in places as Mole tries his best to pick up skills from other parents…but maybe he’s looking in the wrong place?  The ending in this is head smackingly simple, yet it’s still so sweet and well done.  The illustrations are charming and bright, Morris the Mole is a lovely character, our 4 year old liked this book, especially the mushy ending, although it’s not one he requests often as being a parent is not something he is interested in, regardless of the fantastic illustrations.  This is a good book to share and have a laugh over along with Mole’s antics.

Mole’s Babies (ISBN 978-1405254182) is published by Egmont. Many thanks to Egmont for sending us a free copy for review.

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