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Arthur and the Meanies – A Stunning Favourite

The front cover on Arthur and the Meanies by Jan Fearnley, is truly stunning and vibrant.  The gold patterned scroll detail is metallic, set against an eye catching shade of pink and with Arthur’s title in a beautiful cyan colour.  There’s no way this would be missed on a shelf face on!!

Arthur the elephant wants to play but Tiger, Cheetah, Monkey and Peacock don’t want to play with someone so heavy and large.  Cheetah is unkind when Arthur asks to hold his string on his beautiful new kite.  It begins to rain, and suddenly everyone wants to be Arthur’s friend – but only if he will stand still and shelter them while they play underneath him.  Will Arthur play with his friends and not feel so sad and lonely?

Arthur and the Meanies is a stunning book, which was an instant favourite in our household, and has been a much read book.  It encourages children to think about their actions towards others, and how it feels to be excluded in comparison with inclusion.   The storyline is something all children can relate to in one way or another.  Arthur is a fun character – you can guarantee our 4 year old is in stitches of laughter at the end as Arthur gives the Meanies a small taste of their own medicine in a fun way that then goes on to encourage the Meanies to think about their actions, leading to them apologising so that Arthur gets to be included and play with everyone in his own way, which is highly funny.  A recommended read, not only for the beautiful collages and illustrations within the pages, but also for the life lesson within the storyline.

Arthur and the Meanies is published by Egmont ISBN: 978-1405253819. Many thanks to Egmont for sending us a free copy to review.

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Written by Michelle

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review, Michelle. We’ve got this book at home too and it is just beautiful. The illustrations are incredible – I love the watercolour splashes and how she’s layered in all those beautiful textures – even the Tiger’s stripes are made from individually snipped out bits of newspaper.

    Personally I’m not sure about the bit near the end where Arthur vents his frustration (not a great message!!) but equally it shows he’s fallible too, and gives everyone an opportunity to say sorry.

    All in all, a new favourite in our house!

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