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Martha No! – A mischievious heart warming book

Martha No! is a fantastically bright and vibrant covered book.  We all have days when our little treasures seem to do the opposite of what you ask them to do, so in meeting Martha Felicity Molly-Anne May, the main character in this book, readers will be introduced to a world of chaos and fun, with a heart warming ending.

Martha is the naughtiest girl you’ll ever meet!

Miss Harrington-Chive, Martha’s new nanny, gets more than she bargained for at the bandstand, the science museum and the restaurant.  She finds herself screaming Martha No! Any parent will sympathise with this story.

It’s a rhyming and repetitive book, which our 4 year old loved, as he could predict when to join in.   The illustrations in this remind me of the original version of Topsy and Tim in their colouring, they have a kind of mottled effect, which I adore. The illustrations are a large part of this book, with many of them being double spreaded illustrations.

The story will have readers chuckling as parents mop their brow and reflect on the easier day they’ve had in comparison to this poor nanny!  The story ending is really heart warming and perfect for a cosy bedtime or a ‘just because’ I love you moment with your children.

Martha No! (ISBN 978-1405249110) is published by Egmont.

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