The Nintendo 3DS has arrived!

Gaming enthusiasts here at are very excited about the long-awaited launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and for good reason. As parents we spend much of our time looking decidedly uncool – the Nintendo 3DS’ sleek design and glasses-free innovative 3D technology will no doubt do wonders for our image.  We’re also loving the 3D camera which will take our family portraits to a whole new level, and the easy-to-use built-in parental controls which allow us to restrict our young childrens’ access to 3D images and play games in 2D. With the news of the Budget beginning to sink in, we also have a special place in our hearts for Nintendo – as ever, the gaming giants have made their new handheld console backwards compatible, which means we don’t even need to fork out to buy new games – we can play almost all our Nintendo DS and DSi games on the 3DS. Result.

Launch of the Nintendo 3DS in the news

Launched at midnight last night at HMV on Oxford Street, and over 100 stores opening simultaneously to meet the unprecedented demand; the launch of Nintendo 3DS, based on pre-orders alone, is already twice as big as the launch of Wii putting it on track to be the biggest games console launch in history.

Celebrities including Jodie Kidd, Jonathan Ross, Tinchy Stryder, BRITs winners Plan B, comedian Russell Kane and rock band Hadouken were out in force to get a first glimpse at this revolutionary product allowing 3D entertainment without the need for special glasses.

Nintendo 3DSWith two screens and a 3D Depth Slider allowing players to select the level of 3D, the Nintendo 3DS also includes a Circle Pad which provides 360 degrees of direction and a built in motion sensor.

The StreetPass™ feature allows players to exchange game information, while the SpotPass™ feature can connect to compatible public hotspots and to wifi, allowing the system to be regularly updated with new content. Other features include three cameras and the Mii Maker™ application.

Source: Digital News Agency

Where to buy your Nintendo 3DS:

Rumour has it that Tesco has the best prices, £175 if you buy a 3DS game at the same time. Meanwhile Game is offering a part-exchange deal allowing you to save money by upgrading from your existing handheld Nintendo console, provided it’s still in decent condition. All you need to do is order your Nintendo 3DS online before April 18th (can you even wait that long??!) and specify that you’re upgrading from an older Nintendo handheld console. Bring your despatch note and your old console into a Game store before April 25th and they’ll give you cash or store credit.

[button link=]Upgrade to Nintendo 3DS at Game now [/button]  [button link=]Order a Nintendo 3DS from Tesco[/button]

You can also order the Nintendo 3DS from any of these online retailers – prices are around the £187 mark, and the links below will take you directly to the 3DS pages so you can compare prices quickly…

Got one? Want one? Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought!

Acknowledgements: TVC Group and Digital News Agency

Written by Janis P.

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