We’ve been nominated for Best Family Fun Blog in The MADs!

MAD Blog Awards 2011Thank you so much for your MAD Blog Award nominations over the past week – we are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated in so many categories (Best MAD Blog for Family Fun, Best for PreSchool Fun, Blog Post of the Year, Small Business, Most Innovative, Blogger of the Year… ) – although it does give us quite a lot to live up to!

The Mum and Dad Blog Awards, otherwise known as The MADS, are sponsored by Parentdish and are a celebration of the very best parent-powered and family-focused blogs in Britain. Some are filled with beautiful, inspirational writing, others with stunning photography, others with smart tips for balance work and family life, and others with great ideas for enjoying the time you spend with your kids.

Here at we love sharing our ideas for places to go and things to do with the kids, and we try and keep an ear to the ground so we can give you a heads up on fun family activities, new games or products, and special events. Sure, it’s hard to find time to write between running after toddlers and washing coloured marker off the walls, but your overwhelmingly positive feedback makes it all worthwhile! We also do whatever we can to showcase the best articles about family days out, crafts and recipes written by other bloggers and by family friendly brands who share our values.

It would mean the world to us to win the Best MAD Blog for Family Fun award, so please tell all of your friends, family and colleagues to vote for us too!

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Please do also check out some of the other nominees – there are some incredibly talented bloggers out there who are creating wonderful, unique content just perfect for parents with young children. In particular, you might like these four –

It’s a Mummy’s Life
We really hope Holly wins the Best Blog Writer award. Besides being an absolute supermum and bringing up the most beautiful little girls ever she also seems to manage a high flying PR career and somehow fits in some novel writing. Holly has a beautiful, frank, writing style, and her personality really comes across. We’re very fortunate to have her writing regular articles for our website too!

I Can’t Believe You Knocked Me Up
We first came across this blog about a year ago when she was whingeing about how much her swelling pregnant belly was itching. Her dry humour and ‘tell it like it is’ style has had us in stitches time and again. Definitely worth a read… start at the start so you get the full picture though!

We’re incredibly pleased about your votes for MumVersusKids’ blog post, “The Wee Bead Room: A Tale of Toddlers, Friendship, and Quite a Lot of Wee.” for Best Blog Post of the Year, and are glad that you take such pleasure in laughing at our misfortune! But if you’d like to nominate something a little different, perhaps have a read of “My Mum-Shaped Anchor” by icklebabe. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming piece of writing about one mother’s love for her own mother, and definitely worth a vote.

Red Ted Art
Love getting creative with your kids? Maggy does the most wonderful and easy little crafts with her little boy, Red Ted, and you can follow her blog for weekly ideas and Kids Get Crafty “link-ups” (where other parents post their craft ideas too). You’ll find loo roll creatures, painted pebbles, sock monsters, and plenty of other things you can create with things you find around the house. Brilliant.

Finally, if you haven’t yet voted for your favourite MAD blogs, now is the time!

Written by Janis P.

One Comment

  1. Aaaaah good luck on the Best Family Fun blog!! You have a fabulous blog so should do really well! Will keep fingers and toes crossed for you!

    And thank you so much for the kind mention and description of Red Ted Art 🙂

    Maggy x

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