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Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime by David Bedford

Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime by David Bedford and Russell Julian

The newest addition to our collection of bedtime stories is David Bedford’s latest picture book for young children, Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime. Like Mole’s Babies and David Bedford’s other picture books, Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime is a sweet little bedtime story that toddlers and preschoolers will love. The story starts with all the animals making their way up to the pillowy soft bouncy bed in the sky, waddling, swinging, climbing, jumping and wiggling about. Slowly, they tuck themselves into the clouds, yawning and stretching, and snuggle down for a sleep.

Night-time’s here, the lights are low.

It’s time for bed but before you go…

Have you ever wondered what the animals do?

Do they go to bed like me and you?

Both fathers of little ones themselves, author David Bedford and illustrator Russell Julian capture bedtime beautifully, and remind us that it’s okay and natural for our children to be full of energy after an exciting day. They start off with fun, bouncy bedtime antics, and quietly lull us into a slower rhythm until the animals (and our children) are drowsy and ready for bed. What a lovely bedtime story.

Many thanks to Egmont UK for giving us a much appreciated sneak preview of Bouncy Bouncy Bedtime by David Bedford and Russell Julian, and for giving us copies to give away to other parents!

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