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Daisy plays Hide-and-Seek: A camoflage book

Daisy plays Hide-and Seek is a fun camoflage book by Ellie Sandall.

The cover shows Daisy the cow in all her pastel detail, peeking round an object cheekily.  Daisy is no ordinary cow.  She is a chamelion type cow, in that she can change colour to blend in with objects around her.   Our 5 year old had great fun finding Daisy when Jake couldn’t.

All of the illustrations seem as if they are coloured with crayons.  Some are bright, but most are pastel colours and gentle on the eyes.  This book is a fun one, and encourages children to be observant whilst having fun doing so.  Inventive children may like to do some arts and crafts around camoflage and animals after reading it.  The ending is really sweet, when Jake  finds Daisy and she turns a happy colour (glowing orange)….they then walk into the sunset together.

Daisy plays Hide-and-Seek by Ellie Sandall is published by Egmont, ISBN: 978 1405254571.

Review by Michelle.

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