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Into the magical world of Mr Benn

Do you remember the time when children’s television was only on for a short hour a day? In fact it was even quaintly called “Children’s Hour”.  We do and we particularly remember Mr Benn. Did you know that it is 40 years since he popped into the fancy dress shop and went on his first adventure?

Of course Mr Benn was on television for several years but now today’s children (and of course their parents) will get to share the magic of Mr Benn in a spectacular new stage show that has been produced by Tall Stories, creators of The Gruffalo stage show and Room on the Broom amongst others.

The story kicks off when Mr Benn is invited to a fancy dress party. He stumbles across a funny little shop and as if by magic the shop keeper arrives with an array of outfits (and a few other surprises).  His life changes for ever when he is shown into the changing room, there he finds a magic door that takes him into adventures filled with dragons, mermaids, princesses and sea-monsters.

Anyone over the age of four will love this show.  We are so excited about it here at Really Kid Friendly that we have secured a fantastic competition that will be coming up in a couple of weeks.  Not only will you get to win tickets to see the show when it tours in August but you’ll be able to win DVDs and books. Visit for information on the show and how to book tickets.

But in the meantime make sure to subscribe to our updates and follow our Facebook page for find out about the brilliant competition!

Written by Holly


  1. Holly, I have only recently come across Mr Benn through my British hubby and my kids… he thought it was essential viewing for our kids, so bought the Mr Benn DVDs… my kids absolutely love Mr Benn now, and we always have the DVDs on our player on long drives to keep them quiet… er.. I mean content 🙂

    We’re really looking forward to this and gutted the live show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August is so far away from home!!

    Am hoping to ply the wonderful director/producer Olivia with biscuits to get her to sneak us back stage during their rehearsals in London.

  2. I love the caveman one best! I love the way ordinary things from a child’s world are transformed into the world Mr Benn is inhabiting. In this case the houses of Festive Road are transformed into caves, and outside the dinosaurs pack together to form a paleolithic traffic jam. At least that’s what I think happened. Am I making it up? Ah, there’s a fossil in my top pocket. I’ll keep it as something to remind me.

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