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Free Cars 2 games to play online or print

The big day is finally here! Cars 2 is out in UK cinemas today, and everyone here at Really Kid Friendly is very excited! Our mini reviewer (Danger Boy, nearly 3) has insisted on sleeping with not one but two shiny red Lightning McQueen cars under his pillow for the past few weeks, so we think he’s pretty thrilled too.

As if watching Disney-Pixar’s long awaited Cars sequel isn’t enough for you, we’ve got some great Cars 2 games for your children to play. First up, you’ve got to test out your driving skills on the virtual track in the free Cars 2 Sonic Spy Game… just click on the image below to load the online game.

Free online Cars 2 game: Sonic Spy Game

Next up, we’ve got a free printable game for you to play with your kids. Just click the image to download and print this PDF, grab some paper and colouring pencils, and see if you really know which country’s flag is which!

Cars 2 game - printable Match the Flags quiz

Don’t forget, we’re also giving away some amazing Cars 2 prizes – click here to find out more!

Written by Janis P.


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