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Disney Princess Rapunzel spotted in London! See if you can guess where…

Looks like this Disney Princess’ sense of adventure has brought her all the way to London a few days early! As she prepares for the spectacular Disney Princess Parade and Rapunzel Celebration on October 2nd, she’ll be doing a little sight-seeing, visiting top secret locations and visitor attractions all over London. If she keeps up all this activity she’ll be needing an industrial strength Tangle Teezer before the party!

If you spot her, give us a shout @kidfriendly_uk and/or pop your photo on our Facebook page! Oh, and see if you can guess where she’s been…

Monday September 26th: First sighting of Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s luxurious locks, kept healthy with Mother Gothel’s hazelnut soup, were spotted hanging from a tower window earlier today…. but where is she? See if you can guess…

Disney Princess Rapunzel at a famous London Tower

Tuesday September 27th: Second sighting of Rapunzel

This beautiful Disney Princess has been visiting one of the UK’s top attractions, a world-famous market known for its street performers, shopping and the fascinating London Transport Museum. Hmm…. I wonder where she is…?

Disney Princess Rapunzel in London - Day 2 sighting

Wednesday September 28th: Our first sighting of Rapunzel in full!

For two days, this adventurous Disney Princess has been creating quite a stir around London – and on Twitter (#RapunzelCelebration) with her 70 feet of golden hair. We were absolutely thrilled today to catch a glimpse of her overlooking the Thames, with Tower Bridge (often mistaken for “London Bridge” in the song) in the background. Wow. She looks radiant, and it looks like she brought some glorious weather with her from Far Far Away.

Rapunzel overlooking Tower Bridge

Thursday September 29th – A famous square in central London

We’d been thinking and thinking about where Rapunzel would turn up next, and wondered if the Tangled video game for Nintendo DS might offer a clue… one of the ways to earn you way to the next level is to be kind to the animals. Now where can we find some famous animals in London….?

Yes! We were right on the money 🙂 Our children love the big stone lion statues in this famous square in central London. Can you name this popular visitor attraction, and do you know the name of the column she’s standing in front of?

Rapunzel sighting in central London thursday

Friday September 30th – Rapunzel spotted near Big Ben!

This Disney Princess is really taking in all the sights! Behind her we can see Big Ben, but what’s the name of the bridge she’s standing on?

Rapunzel sighting on Friday

Dates for your diary:

Saturday October 1st: The most fantastically princessy online party ever. Join us on Twitter at 4 pm (UK time) @kidfriendly_uk – you can use #RapunzelParty to join in the celebration.

If you’re joining from the US or Canada, you’re welcome to get involved in the discussions on #RapunzelParty, but to be eligible for prizes, you’ll need to use #TangledTweets

See you online!

Sunday October 2nd: Unmissable horse drawn carriage procession through Kensington Gardens, and Rapunzel’s official welcome as the 10th Disney Princess.

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Written by Janis P.

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