Review of the Scoot n Pull – a cure for scooter induced backache

How many times have you found yourself trudging back from the playground, hunched over to one side to pull your tired toddler along on his scooter? When Danger Boy gets tired, I usually alternate between pulling him along and carrying him in one arm, scooter and bag in the other, and usually get home with aching back and shoulders.

I’ve often thought I should invent an easier way to pull the scooter along, but thankfully someone beat me to it.


In this short video blog, I’ve attempted to demonstrate the many uses of the Scoot n Pull.

I say attempted, as the children wouldn’t let me anywhere near it and instead insisted on scooting and pulling each other.  That in itself is a fine result indeed.

Scoot n Pull is available on Amazon and from the Scoot n Pull website. It comes in lots of different colours, so your kids can choose from orange, purple, pink, blue, green and more.

Written by Janis P.

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