Kids Games: Review of Sam Power Firefighter for Nintendo DS

Looking for the best video games for preschool kids? Joshua, age 3, loves to be like his older brother and sisters and enjoys playing on the Nintendo DS, but I have found some DS games are a bit tricky for Joshua, especially when it involves a reading page or a jumping movement.

I was really pleased to discover the Sam Power range of DS games for preschool kids (ages 3 and up) –  you can choose from Sam Power Firefighter, Policeman and Handyman.

Kids Games - Sam Power Firefighter Nintendo DS gameThe aim of the Sam Power Firefighter DS game is to drive your fire-engine through the virtual streets using your DS Stylus to steer the wheel (no tricky hand controls needed!), collecting stars as you go.

Once you have reached your emergency situation you then have a mini game to complete. The first mini game is blowing into the microphone to extinguish birthday candles of a cake.  You are rewarded with additional props to add to your fire engine to make it bigger, better and faster by adding new wheels, engines, sirens and more.

Each new emergency takes you through the same set of tasks – driving the fire engine then completing a mini game, but with the route and mini games changing so your child doesn’t lose interest.

Kids Game Review: Joshua with Sam Power Firefighter for Nintendo DS

Joshua is really enjoying this game, loves being in control of the fire engine and is enjoying seeing his engine change by completing the mini games.

A thumbs up from both myself and Joshua.

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Written by Janis P.

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