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Kids Music: Classics with my Baby

Looking for a way to enjoy live classical music with your baby? Laura from London Baby tells mums and dads all about Classics with My Baby, a series of baby friendly classical musical performances across London. 

Classics with my baby - London classical music for parentsWant to feel amazingly smug about doing your mummy job while giving yourself a genuine treat at the same time?  Take your baby, infant or child to a critically acclaimed Classics with my Baby concert at a variety of London locations including Chelsea, Notting Hill, Islington, Borough, Hampstead Village, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Clapham, Dulwich and Greenwhich.   Do check out their performance schedule on their easy to navigate web site  You can also order e-tickets online in case you want to send a nice thank you gift to someone or vice versa.

Oh what splendour listening to genuinely emotive and passionate playing of better-known classical movements and pieces with your progeny perched in your lap.  Philippa Mo and Miaomiao Yu are not mere technical masters of a massive repertoire; they are communicating subtle emotions, moods, tones in a very dramatic, but genuine way.  The concerts are not just familiar themes played in a jovial way because there are playing for children; they are serious renditions played by master performers.

I took my toddler to a 10:30 concert at Christ Church in Chelsea.  While he ran around the church and rolled around the floor most of the time, he was listening and I was thoroughly enjoying sharing time with him in a beautiful space over flowing with superbly performed music.

So if you have a mellow child, or a hyperactive one like mine, do not be put off by the high-brow nature of the activity.  It’s for kids and it’s meant to be fun and enjoyable, not silent and pensive.

Philippa and Miaomiao put an added brilliant feature: cake and tea stall.  Come early, mingle, have a drink and buy a cake made by the fabulous baker Claire of Claire’s Happy Cakes.

The concerts cost £10 per adult and children are free, as I mentioned above, you can buy the tickets online.  Check this space for half-term performances and special days off from work.

Take your mummy halo out and give it a good polish, take your kids to Classics with my Baby.

This review originally featured on London-Baby.

Written by Janis P.

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