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Apps for Kids: Peppa Pig Me Books by the award winning Made in Me team

Peppa Pig Me Books app for kidsYou’re going to love this week’s featured app for kids… the team behind the award winning Me Books apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are back with another highly interactive app for children learning to read… this time featuring the children’s favourite little pig, Peppa.

Much like the Ladybird Classic Me Books iPad app, the Peppa Me Books app allows children to explore their favourite stories in a unique way. The app comes with Peppa Pig: Fun at the Fair, and you can download other Peppa Pig stories like Peppa Goes Swimming, George’s First Day at Playgroup and Nature Trail. Your kids can then touch the picture in the visual in-app bookshelf to choose which story they want to read.

Peppa Pig Me Books - bookshelf
Peppa Pig Me Books – in-app bookshelf and link to in-app purchases

Aside from following the story on their own by touching the pages to hear narration and sound-effects, children can record their own sounds and narration.

Peppa Pig Me Books - hotspots with sound effects
Peppa Pig Me Books – edit or create hotspots for sound effects and narration

They’ll love recording their own little giggles and snorts, or trying to speak like Daddy Pig. And if you’re away for work or on deployment, you can even record your very own version of the stories before you go, so the kids can hear your voice every night before bedtime.

Is it worth the £1.99 per story? It does sound a little steep, especially knowing that the app store is full of free apps for kids. But… and this is a big “but”…. Me Books are in a league of their own in terms of your child’s experience. Unlike any of the other apps for kids we’ve ever tried, Me Books offer opportunities for your children to really explore and enjoy the stories using their own imaginations. They aren’t being passively entertained – they are bringing the stories to life all by themselves, feeling empowered, happy and creative. And, incidentally, they’re also learning to read.

Like the other interactive kids apps from the Made in Me team, it looks like the Peppa Me Books app will be a favourite in our house for a long time to come.

Another winner from Made in Me.

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Written by Janis P.

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