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Kids Books: Review of Usborne GIRLS Activity Book

Looking for a fun girl’s activity book for your daughter or granddaughter? Kim and 6 year old Melissa stumbled upon the Usborne GIRLS Activity Book and loved it so much they had to share it with other Really Kid Friendly families…

Usborne Girls Activity BookI’m not totally convinced that we have seen the last of the bad weather but what I am convinced about is The Usborne Girls Activity book. It is great, full of word games, puzzles, drawing and doodling, games to play, over 200 stickers and even the odd recipe thrown in for good measure.

Melissa can quite happily sit for ages working her way through the puzzles.  She will come to me to me to read out some of the instructions but then is quite happy to go off to solve the puzzle.

I love the illustrations throughout the book. It feels to me very much how a little girls book should be.  Melissa has been quite happily working her way through the puzzle solving since Christmas and to be honest flicking through the pages she has hardly made a dent in the puzzles as there is so much packed into each page.

I would have no hesitation in searching out any similar books in this range.  I’m only jealous that they don’t come in a adult version!

Written by Janis P.

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  1. My daughter was recently given this book….she absolutely loves it. I’ve never seen her sit for so long colouring and figuring out all the games etc….

    A must by for trips!!

    Monique xx

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