Doing your bit for the environment is easier than you think

Anything to do with helping the environment is debated strongly across all areas of the world, and we all feel that we should do our bit. From switching to renewable energy to being more vigilant with power supplies, there are many ways in which you can do your bit for the environment. And, with 100 million tonnes of waste being thrown away in just the United Kingdom alone, we need to find better ways of recycling and/or reusing.

When you consider how easy it is to help the environment, then you also have to understand how it can help you. From de-cluttering the home in return for cash to switching off your electrics more frequently and saving on your energy bill you can make a good few quid. Here, we will look at a few parts of the home that you could look at recycling.

  • Entertainment collection – You know what we’re talking about, that big stash of CDs and DVDs that you have in the corner of the room gathering dust. It’s almost of no importance to you anywhere, and you have considered throwing them away on numerous occasions. Well, don’t. Do your bit for the environment – and yourself – by getting pennies and pounds for what you have. You can sell games online with musicMagpie or auction them off on other sites to make a few bob for something far more important.
  • Old furniture – If you don’t feel that you can or want to sell computer games for cash, then take a look at the furniture and decorations in the home. If you don’t like them anymore, don’t think that taking them to the tip is the only solution. Get them down to a second hand store, offer them out to charity shops or sell them online as well. Even if no-one wants them, it’s likely that they are OK for recycling. Just don’t be too hasty in getting shut of things when it could help others.
  • Clothing – 80% of our time is taken up by wearing just a fifth of the clothes we have at our disposal. So, with that in mind, surely you can take the hit of a few t-shirts, shoes and dresses and auction or sell them off. Many people use sites like eBay to sell their fashionable kit, so why shouldn’t you get a few quid? If selling them isn’t calling out to you then stick them in a bag and get to the charity shop. Help a good cause and yourself at the same time, how could you say no?

It’s not until you’ve got rid of all the clutter in your home that you realise quite how the clutter affects the quality of life you lead. While there are other ways of helping like wasting less water, using paper bags instead of plastic ones and recycling all of your bottles and jars, not dumping the things you don’t want in a landfill is one of the biggest ways you can help the environment.

This post was sponsored by music Magpie.

Written by Janis P.

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