La Tasca introduces tapas for kids

La TascaFinding a child-friendly restaurant with a menu that extends beyond chicken nuggets and fries can be a challenge… which is why I was excited to see that the La Tasca chain had introduced a fantastic new tapas selection just for kids.

For just £5.95 they can choose three tapas from a menu of 13 dishes, including paella, fried potatoes, and spicy sausage. All come with a side of mixed peppers, carrots and cucumber, and a dessert.

What really impressed me was that La Tasca were genuinely child friendly. The menus double as colouring-in sheets, and the staff were welcoming and helpful – bringing straws for our little ones’ drinks (it’s amazing how many places don’t even think to offer), and extra plates so they could share all their dishes. They didn’t even bat an eyelid when a drink inevitably went flying across the table.

I loved that my girls were experiencing new flavours, and sampling tasty new dishes, and it was a really relaxing and enjoyable family day out – no mean feat with two under fours!

Visit the La Tasca website for the UK-wide restaurant locations, and more details on their menus:

Written by Janis P.

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