How much are Dads really worth?

According to a recent study by, mums believe that dads only help out for 15 hours a week! I’m shocked… every morning I see dads cycling to nursery with a baby in the bike seat, Dads seeing their kids off at the school gates, and on the weekend having a go on the T-bar at the local playground seems to have become a family-friendly alternative to going to the pub to watch the footie.

The dads in my neighbourhood help the kids with their homework and come to the parent-teacher evenings. They spend hours preparing before coming into school to read to the class, choosing beautiful classic stories and prose from their own childhood rather than ‘easy’ kids books. On rainy days indoors they’re making rock buns with the kids, picking elderflowers for home-made cordial, and cooking unbelievably moist roast dinners.

In fact… and it kills me to say it… I think mums these days have got a pretty good deal. What do you think?

Value of a Dad infographic


Written by Janis P.


  1. Great article with amazing research, must share with Kensington Mums and Kensington Dads as each play a vital role in the upbringing of their children.

  2. Ah, we can learn so much from animals. If they can be fridnes, why can’t people from different backgrounds. So adorable. I hope Tyler is feeling better. And the best fridnes are adorable. Have a great weekend!

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