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The Really Parent Friendly Way to Store all their Precious … Art

Wind down your Autumn with a good clean out of the art project saving place, then simplify your life with an emotional treasure of your child’s artwork with My Kids Art Book.

Super Southwest London Mum, Ann, has put forth the most amazing service for busy London families living in small space with children bringing home big art projects:, a bespoke service of photographing and annotating your child’s artwork while creating a gorgeous keepsake book that will last much longer than their artwork.

This service is could not be simpler; using Ann’s fool-proof check list you go through your cupboards and hiding places and gather your kid’s artwork. Nothing is too big or too small, 40-60 pieces of finished art (paintings, junk modeled towers, sketches at restaurants, thank you notes, diaries) gather all the little bits that help make a true record of your child’s treasures. Ann will expertly photograph each piece capturing every brush stroke and detail while beautifully adding captions, dates and other facts about the “artifact”. You can organize by date, theme, periods (Ann gives loads of suggestions) and once you have compiled everything, Ann will explain how to ship it or arrange a drop-off.

You will need to provide Ann a head shot of your child. You can also look through your photo archives for pictures of your youngling wandering around an art gallery or painting, working on other artwork. Ann will disperse these photographs around the art book pages. She will also write a clever biography of your child.

You not only simplify your life, you create a keepsake that you and your child will enjoy in years to come. Get going before the Christmas rush and create something special for family members.

Small books start at £140, large books cost £160; mention and you will get an introductory offer discount. Email:

My Kids Art Book: The Really Parent Friendly way to tackle the art conundrum.

Written by Janis P.


  1. Hi! I really recommend this innovative and beautiful book service Ann provides.
    I know that now I will have my kid’s art and school works for life! It is a nice feeling! And the kids feel so proud of having all their works on a proper book, its great.
    The process of organising the material and giving it to Ann is really easy and quick (something that I appreciated a lot).
    I hope you love it as I do too.

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