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Shutter and Sketch: London’s Bespoke Children’s Pencil Portraits

Really Kid Friendly’s Gift Suggestion…

For the cost of a meal out, treat your family to an heirloom-quality pencil portrait of your child.  This is an indulgence that will pay you back every time you walk past; eventually becoming part of your family history.  Fine artist Lucy SM. Johnston has put together a fabulously convenient portrait sitting service for young children and produces the most heavenly results.   My husband and I cannot stop staring at the portrait Lucy did for us of our son and have commissioned one for our daughter.

This scan of my son does not fully do the portrait justice, as the individual pencil stokes are not visible.  His face and expressions are spot-on; and what is particularly intriguing, Lucy does not smudge the pencil to change the shading gradient.  Every shadow, contour, crevice, lock of hair is created with a pencil stroke.  It is absolutely breath-taking looking at your child’s face, their expression so beautifully captured created completely and totally in thousands of pencil marks.

For an unbelievably reasonable price, Lucy will come to your home and meet you and your child.  She gets to see a bit of their personality while you all chat and your child warms up to her.  After your child has settled a bit, you pop your child on the sofa and pop in a DVD or turn on the telly.  When your child is absorbed, Lucy snaps away.  You can decide then, or she can send you some to choose from; but you select the photograph that best captures your child’s expression and Lucy will produce something along the lines of this:



Your heart will melt every time you walk by.   Give this as a gift to your spouse, to grandparents or better yet, ask for a voucher for your Christmas gift and have Lucy come around and create a portrait to be handed down through the generations.

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Written by Janis P.

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