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Shell Yeah! Sammy’s Great Escape comes to UK cinemas for Feb Half Term

Sammy's Great Escape movie posterA special announcement from Warner Bros! Their new animated kids movie Sammy’s Great Escape, starring the cutest  little turtle ever, will be in UK cinemas just in time for Half Term.

Movie synopsis:

Sammy and Ray, leatherback turtles and friends forever, are enjoying an atoll’s water and sand, shepherding new hatchlings Ricky and Ella out to sea. Suddenly, a poacher swoops in and ships them off to be part of a spectacular aquarium show for tourists in Dubai.

The kingpin of the place, Big D the seahorse, enlists them in his plans for a great escape. But with their new friends Jimbo the bug-eyed blob fish, Lulu the snippy lobster and a whole family of penguins, Sammy and Ray hatch breakout plans of their own. That is when little Ricky and Ella arrive, determined to break in to rescue them.

After a series of thrilling adventures and narrow escapes, our heroes head south to meet up with Shelly, Sammy’s first and only love.

Sammy’s Great Escape will be in UK cinemas 15 Feb 2013.

A few pictures from the movie to whet your appetite:

Reviews of Sammy’s Great Escape:

We brought our kids and their friends along with us to the rather incredible (and brilliantly organised) preview at Leicester Square, and here’s what they had to say:

I liked the  Hammerhead shark best. Why?, said Mummy. Well, you know I love sharks, and they are my favourites, and it has eyes at the side of its head, just like you say you do Mummy!  – Maisie, age 4

I liked it when the seagulls pooed on the baddie pirates. It was sooooo funny, I couldn’t stop laughing! – Annabel, age 5

 I was a little scared, Mummy, so I didn’t look and I didn’t listen. How did Sammy escape? – Elliot, age 4

And here’s what the mums thought:

A simple and straightforward tale where the upside was some amazing animation (animated squid ink floating through the water- beautiful) but without the story depth and multi-level appeal of recent Pixar films (Toy Story 3 etc).  – Jill

An entertaining tale although possibly the storyline was a little all over the place for the little ones to follow. But that didn’t stop them from enjoying the amazingly vivid animation, sweet characters (especially the little turtles) and their underwater adventures. The shark chase scenes were pretty intense though, even for me! – Uju

We all enjoyed the event. It was really well organized, the kids’ activities were fun… Max particularly enjoyed the balloon lady making the little turtle wrist bands. His favorite part of the movie was when Lulu (I believe the lobster) fell on the man’s head. – Frederique


Have you seen Sammy’s Great Escape? Leave a comment below to tell us what you thought!

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Written by Janis P.

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