This winter’s “severe snow” warnings mean absolute chaos for commuters, but pure delight for the little ones and a chance to make the best snowman ever. We’ve found five fun snowman pictures to get you started, so why not make the most of the weather, wrap up your kids, brave the snow and make your first snowman of 2013 one to remember?

Here’s our pick of the best snowman ideas out there…

1. The upside down snowman – one for the adventurous children (and parents!) out there. Build your snowman as usual but put the face at the bottom and the feet at the top! It’s guaranteed to get giggles.Upside down snowman from


2. The snowman and his snowdog – with Christmas Eve’s re-release of Raymond Briggs’ famous Snowman cartoon, most kids will know the story. Why not recreate him and his furry friend in your backyard?

The Snowman and Snow Dog from


3. Make them mini! Aren’t these snowmen super adorable? Have a competition and see who can make the teeniest, tiniest snowman. Give points for the best use of accessories!

mini snowmen from

4. The snowman family. Why make just one snowman when you can make a family of snowmen? Assign one snowman family member to each member of your own family and watch what happens.

Snow family from

5. Too cold to go outside? Don’t have a garden? Never fear. Try these fun marshmallow snowmen instead!

Marshmallow snowmen from Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'

Which one’s your favourite? 


Written by Janis P.

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