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5 Easter Craft Ideas

With the Easter Holidays upon us and at least 2 weeks off school.. many of us, may actually consider “getting crafty” – well, I do, but then I blog over at Red Ted Art, which is all about CRAFTS! And for me the key family celebrations of the year – Easter and Christmas are wonderful times to sit down with the kids and do some “traditional Crafting”.

It is when family memories and traditions are made and it also gives you the opportunity to make the “event” not JUST about chocolate (Easter) and presents (Christmas).

So to get you into the Easter mood, I wanted to share some Easter crafts with you:

Egg Decorating


First up – Egg Decorating. When you say Easter to me, I think Eggs. I am originally from Austria and in Austria, people LOVE to decorate Easter trees with “real” egg shells painted prettily. I love the thriftiness and daintiness of using real eggs. And it makes it a really special “craft material” for kids to learn to handle. Don’t be scared, but explore and embrace. And if some eggs get broken along the way, well that is part of the fun and learning process. We have 10 wonderful egg decorating ideas to share with you – in varying degrees of complexity – some for the boys (batman and angry birds!) some for preschoolers (Eric carle eggs!) and some for the mother in law (decoupage!). They make great little Easter gifts too!

Egg Carton (Hens)

egg carton craft ideas

So, now you have used up all the eggs.. what to make from the egg cartons?? There are a couple of spring crafts linked here, but personally – I recommend making some of the Egg Carton Hens – they are SO SIMPLE and so cute! Check out the video sharing all the egg carton ideas!



Pom Pom Bunnies

Easter Bunny Pom Poms

Buy some inexpensive wool from the “pound shop” or use any odds and ends you may have lying around to make bunny pom poms – I share a “new” way of making pompoms that is easier than the usual discs. And why stop at bunnies, I bet your kids can come up with all sorts of critters.



Cotton Wool Lambs

spring craft ideas

I love these lambs, as all you need is some paper, wool and a little glue. Things that most people tend to have “at home”. So these Spring Lambs makes for a great Spring Craft, which is cute and also tactile… you could even post one to Granny as a surprise!



Juggling Chooks


Finally, how about a simple sweing project? These juggling chooks require odd fabric scraps and a little felt, plus rice – they are quick to sew and look adorable. Make a set and then spend the rest of the holidays learning how to juggle. Lots of activities in one. That can only be good, right?!

By the way, these chooks are also one of the crafts featured in my brand new, all year round book, Red Ted Art available on Amazon and Waterstones! I do hope you feel inspired enough to get a copy!

Well, I hope you have found some crafty inspiration today! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to guest post for Really Kid Friendly! We love crafts and I LOVE inspiring others to have a go.

Written by Janis P.

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